The Sum Of…

The sum of wisdom, still sinseless race.

Still unconnected with it.

Hereof are shells till the last inhabited.

The essence of intelligence a conscious spirits.

Still more conscious through egos.

Earthly human experiences to become all wise.

But rays from one universal principle natural law.

Should mankind become perfect.

This physical plane but a spark.

Abnormal average humanity.

Half narrow brained, half not ready.

The sum of will, intellectuality unaccountable.

Still ignorant with-out desire and passion.

Divine light, eternal life.

Cast-off natures living will.

Unfavoured hardly genius.

Not greatest physical plane.

Terrible aspect absolute fatalist.

Be unknowable future loss gain pain.

The sum of man, the fall of mankind.

Faith begins to die.

Ignorant of his own essence.

Destruction of universe

Tis better to understand self.

For the only failures in nature.

Soul rejecting senses dissolutions.

Individual man will vanish nothing of trace.

The sum of absolute, the universal mind.

Humanity is the child of destiny.

No one can escape.

No one can get rid of the human race.

Substance an illusion of the divine.

Spirit-matter vital mission.

Underlying self-existing.

Reawakening the truth before you.

Unveiled clear to the open iris.

Open mind, pure hearts, clean life.

Brave declaration of principles.

Temple of divine spiritual wisdom…

My name is kasperay

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