Constitutions Logic Realized…

Illuminating soul’s, all fulfilling human life.

Together we are one, in one universal life.

Countless and endless people being confused.

All knowing inside, love and harmony rule.

Endless peace we all dream of.

All seeking truth, morally bringing value.

Ending all cause for feelings of remorse.

Sustainable will satisfy, ending this endless hunger.

Simplicity is peace of mind.

Mankind has search for world wide.

Full consciousness consequence now.

Nature has effects necessary all of mankind.

Constitutions logic realized.

Soul of Declaration will save all human lives.

Any deliberate attempt to contain.

Causes suffering of human kind.

Justice demands a reality.

Unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Recorded, measured, all injustice counted.

Regard the universe, mind, body and soul.

Inherent dignity has recognized.

We are all members of the human family.

Inalienable rights agreement will be honored.

Making unshakable this foundation.

Full of human rights equal and just.

Sharing all natural life respecting…

My name is…kasperay

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