One Single Event

Modern behavior emerges.

Common all human cultures worldwide.

Protect private property justifiable rights.

Defense national homeland security.

Systematic violence does become structural.

Subject of vigorous debate social norms.

Gradually conquer territory foreign.

Various means regulated disciplines.

Together united we pride attempts.

Loot resources suppress another nation.

WAR a.k.a asset We secede from it.

Exhibited by humans it’s prime time again.

Evaluation of human behavior in question.

Religious ground counter productive motives.

Thou shalt not kill now survive life.

Nobody makes for you these ignorant choices.

Achieve political change.

Modern warfare governments kill.

Employed to misinform yes mislead.

Police brutality kills more than 260 mill.

Only balance pay checks with wages.

Keep going against your core beliefs.

Not long before rape will proscribe.

Working hard deserved what you earn.

Taking theres without a care…FYI…

Raped how does that feel!

You ever just get fucking sick of it all?

Health of the democracy.

Special attention to influence.

Ideas exchanged do strengthen.

A level of participation real faith.

One single event is all it would take:)

My name is kasperay

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