Tears Of Pain

Tears Of Pain…

Tears of pain flood oceans with hope.

A third of the world covered…

One third waiting still afraid to hope…

A third trapped in a desert waiting for the tides to bring

them hope.

All is heart ache, least we cry.

Sing loud, some scream pain, still others die in vain.

Souls never lost, only need peace to escape.

An era gone, a new era has come…

A time where a new world order is to reject these walls of


Rise up bind in chains…

Bring down these walls of sorrow…

We need peace, please no more shame.

Tears of pain so strong, still trapped.

Tortured and enslaved, some beaten with no name…

The all knowing now, freedom is sold at a price…

All knowing that cost is weighed and measured…

Balanced you may, but blinded and tip the scale…

Never to have a life your gain.

One slave cries out, still trapped, wrapped in chains.

Why have we been forsaken, only great sorrow and great


Tears of pain have not forsaken thee.

To have life free your self, rise up, break the chains.

Over take the one that has forsaken you…

You have a right to have life before you die.

Freedom comes from fighting.

Tears of pain keep you alive.

My name is…kasperay

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